- Sven Haase


Having a good setup is one thing. But you still need to put the work in to get faster, there is no way around it. Our Virtual Coach helps you to be efficient doing so.

Compare telemetry while driving or during replay mode. No need to wait for your telemetry to upload.

Using the reference laps of our data packs, virtual coach uses data from the best to show you the differences.

Practicing together for a team event? Use your team mates data from your Garage 61 teams.

Our Virtual Coach is no magic AI app, but it will change the way you practice.


Compare Inputs

Compare your inputs to the reference lap. See where yours differ from the reference lap. Useful if you want to have a quick glance at the data while driving. Check throttle, brake, clutch, steering, gear and speed.

Input Graph

The input graph shows your data and the reference lap at the same time. This way you can compare your brake curve and throttle application, steering angle and many more datapoints while driving, in replay mode or some even from a replay.


Virtual Coach calculates useful performance indicators on the fly. Compare your throttle acceptance, maximum lateral forces and minimum corner speed to the reference lap.

Check Your Performance

Turn by turn the Virtual Coach rates your performance against the coach. The overlay also displays the turn exit speed difference as well as how much time you lost or won within the turn.

Rotation Compass

The right rotation is an important part to get a turn right. This overlay helps you to get the timing and amount of rotation right.

...and more

Virtual Coach offers even more functionality, like off track notification and a turn analyzer generating turn by turn hints on what you should improve. Also the Virtual Coach is constantly evolving and new features are added regularly.

teammates data

We are linked to Garage 61 enabling you to use data from your G61 teammates. Just copy the lap ID and paste it into the virtual coach. * Release soon.