- Sven Haase


Having a good setup is one thing. But you still need to put the work in to get faster, there is no way around it. Our Virtual Coach helps you to be efficient doing so regadless if you are a beginner or pro.

We use the unmatched data of our creators to give you the best insights. Have a fast friend? You can use his data as well.

Compare telemetry or specific KPIs while driving or during replay mode. No need to wait for your telemetry to upload.

Our virtual lessons with voice help you to improve your capabilities turn by turn or learn a new track from ground up.

Our Virtual Coach is no magic AI app, but it will change the way you practice.

How to use

Different use cases - different tools.

1. Get to know the track
2. Improve driving
3. Compare details
4. Check in Replay

Available Lessons

All lessons are available via voice or as subtitle in English, German and Spanish language.

Track Guide

Learn the track from ground up. This guide will tell you what kind of braking and which gear to use in the upcoming turn. In combination with the brake and throttle sounds you'll learn a new track in no time.

Turn Entry I

The turn entry lesson will help you to understand how to approach a turn in terms of speed and braking. The virtual coach will give specific hints on how to change your braking to approach the turn just right.



Virtual Coach provides a wide variety of overlays. You can activate and deactivate them one by one and also set if they should be visbile while driving, in pits or only during replay.

Current Inputs

Additionals to your inputs, this overlay also shows the reference lap's inputs. This way you can compare your brake curve and throttle application, steering angle and many more datapoints while driving while in replay mode.

Telemetry Graph

The graph makes it easy to compare e.g. the brake application or speed trace in more detail. It even allows a glimps into the future. In replay the graph is perfectly synced to your car.


Sometimes you only care for very specific indicators. KPIs will help you to focus only on these and work on them one by one.

Turn Rating

Ever asked yourself where you loose the time on track? This overlay checks your time through the corner and the exit speed to rate how good you did.

Rotation Compass

The rotation of the car is often ignored while it is super important to have you car in the right position for the next turn or to accelerate out of a turn. The compass helps you to keep an eye on it.

Turn Analysis

Our new turn analysis visualizes where you are to fast through a turn and where you could carry more speed. It also writes some hints for you to read later.

...and more

There are more things like an offtrack indicator, signal sounds to indicate brake points and a dashboard to track you activity. We are always open for new ideas and feedback.


If you have any further questions, let us know!


How does the Virtual Coach work?

The Virtual Coach is a standalone app that runs on your PC. It uses the data of your driving and compares it to the pre recorded data of our creators. It gives you hints on where you can improve and calculates useful performance indicators on the fly.

How can I get the Virtual Coach?

If you are already a GnG Plus subscriber, just download visit the app and proceed to the Virtual Coach section. If you are not a subscriber yet, you can get the Virtual Coach together with all our data packs and awesome discord support in out Plus subscription.

What does the Virtual Coach cost?

The Virtual Coach is part of our GnG Plus subscription. You get it together with all our data packs and awesome discord support for 15 € per month. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Can I use the Virtual Coach during a race?

While you can do that, our recommendation is not to do it. The VC is built for dedicated practice sessions where you focus on improving your driving.

Is the Virtual Coach available for VR?

Yes and no. We have a specific VR mode where the Virtual Coach is displayed in a window. You can capture this window with your VR software and display it in your VR headset. For more help on that, visit our discord.

Is the usage limited in time?

No, you can use all features of the Virtual Coach as much as you want. 8h practice session? Let's go!

Can I use my own data as reference laps?

Yes, through our connection to Garage 61 you can use your and your team mates data. Please not that the functionality is highly dependant on the quality of the data you use.